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In this journal entry you will reflect on what you think is the biggest social problem we face in the United States. In the readings and resources in this module you have read and watched about different types of social problems and how sociologists theorize about them. What you choose to write about in this journal entry does not have to be your Final Project topic, but you may wish to use the same topic. 

  • Explain what you think is the biggest social problem in the United States. Why?
  • How do you think this social problem is different from a personal problem? 
  • Provide additional details about the social problem and why it is a social problem:
    • Who does this problem affect?
    • Is this problem limited to a specific group of people or culture? 
    • Approximately how many people does it affect? (Please note: no citation is needed for this journal entry, however if you use the same topic you may want to bookmark where you found the information for easy reference.)
    • Do you think this is a widely recognized social problem? Why or why not? 
  • Outline at least one idea on how you think this social problem could be resolved.
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