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Write a research paper responding to the following questions:

  1. Use your favorite search engine on the Internet and look for postings of technology-driven retrenchment. What are the reasons given for the mergers and acquisitions? What is described as coming from each of the organizations? Given what you know about turnaround strategy, are the reasons given for the retrenchment reasonable and likely to lead to success? What might be missing?
  2. Find an example of an organization with multiple strategic business units. How does the organization define its corporate goals? The strategies of the SBUs? Are the strategies seeking innovation and technology enhancement internally or externally? Why do you classify the SBUs as you do?
  3. Identify a knowledge-system design process used by a company or organization. What were the goals of the system? What problems did the company encounter? What were the goals and benefits of developing the knowledge system? Did it help the organization’s performance? How?
  4. Organizational learning has been discussed a great deal in the management literature. Find a website that discusses the process of managing organizational learning and knowledge systems. Does this process seem doable? If so, why do organizations struggle with such development? If not, what advice would you give?

APA format, At least 2000 words, at least 4 references

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