(Get Answer) – Write A Technical Report Research Paper On The Current Project Your Choice Of Computer Science Field 2

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It should be the current project of computer science field. The length should be at least 6 page and references should be at least 5 scholar in APA format. I am letting you to choose your own topic so you can do best for me. just remember that it should be specific topic ( cannot be written too broad) about the current computer science project.

please let me know the topic before you start and say why you choose it.

here I have attached an example below.


An example Technical Report – PDF below from Google Scholar search

A search in Google for “drones used in agriculture” will find a lot of useful information

Technical Report Outline – minimum for this assignment

Abstract –


Literature Survey –

Methods and Algorithms (may not be needed for your assignment)

Conclusions and Recommendations

Acknowledgement (may not be needed for your assignment)

References (cannot be more than 4 years old without permission from instructor)

Appendices (illustrations, charts, photos, etc.) (you may have none of these)

Information about citing references and the reference list at the end of the document – use APA format

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