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PROMPT: Write a thoughtful, philosophically-engaged essay (800-900 words) on Human Thinking

How thoroughly is human thinking affected by the forces identified by Darwin, Marx, and Freud? Can these forces be overcome? If so, how? If not, then what? Point it out in yourself as evidence that it can or cannot be mitigated, and explain how.

What are the greatest forces determining human thinking?

Rank the forces identified by Darwin, Marx, and Freud in order of importance in understanding human thinking.

How do these forces support and/or undermine critical thinking?

Use evidence from the assigned readings.

Use evidence from the “Century of Self” documentary for Freud’s framework, in order to answer the question of whether and how it can be mitigated.

Use evidence from “The Corporation” or “The Great Hack” to consider Marx’s framework.

Use your own thinking as the subject of reflection in this essay, considering it in light of each of the three framworks.

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