(Get Answer) – Write A Three Page Essay That Describes The Social Racial And Economic And Political Complexities Of Abraham Lincoln

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ESSAY PROMPT: Write a three-page essay that describes the social, racial, and economic, and political complexities of the Reconstruction Era.

Include footnotes, a bibliography, and a title page.



The student wrote a three-page essay.

The student cited at least three scholarly sources in their three-page essay

The student adequately wrote about the given topic listed

without getting off topic.

The student adequately adhered to writing their three-page essay in Chicago

Style Formatting.

The student adequately created a strong thesis statement.

The student’s grammatical errors are held to a minimum.

The student includes footnotes, a bibliography, and a title page.

The student’s three-page essay is double-spaced.

The student’s three-page essay is professionally written.

The student didn’t use any block quotes.

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