(Get Answer) – Write A Two To Three Page 500 700 Words Paper On On The Application Of Personality Information In The Workplace

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Go over the Final Paper draft and complete the Final Paper for submission.

Write a two to three-page (500-700 words) paper on on the application of personality information in the workplace.

Create the paper in the “APA Interactive Paper Template Including Reference Section” loaded on your computer.

Complete the following:

  1. Describe the Big Five Personality Trait or Traits that you feel best describe you. Apply these to a choice of vocation.
  2. Describe your orientation to individualism or collectivism or some combination of each. Apply this orientation to your choice of vocation; and describe in what way you will engage these traits for success in the workplace.
  3. Choose 3 of the Personality Assessment Measures that you feel best describe you and report the results; describe how you could use these results to achieve success in the workplace.
  4. Describe your overall sense of how helpful or not such a personality analysis may be in enabling success in the workplace.

Note: Put each of these under one of the 4 “Put Subtitle Here” sections of the APA template.


  • For the abstract in the template indicate the paper will do the 4 things above (name them).
  • Cite the textbook and the 3 Personality Assessments within the paper when using information from them. Use APA citing style.
  • For help with the APA citing style, if needed, see the following, Taylor, D. (2017, May 4). In-Text Citations Made Easy. Retrieved from
  • Complete the reference section with the sources you cite. Complete it in APA style.
  • For help with completing the reference section, if needed, see the following, Jones, B., & Hurley, G. (2012, September 10). Purdue OWL: APA Formatting: Reference List Basics. Retrieved from
  • The word count does not include the abstract or the references.
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