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Essay must be 6 pages in length. Please do not use outside sources,

Double space

You must use 2 books and 4 lecture notes that I upload to write this essay

You must cite lectures(At least 4 times) in every response;

No outside sources!


1. Fromkin, David. Europe’s Last Summer: Who Started the Great War in 1914? Knopf, 2004.

2. Kindsvatter, Peter S. American Soldiers. Kansas, 2003.


Choose and respond to one of the prompts below. You must cite lectures in every response; do not use outside


1. Explain the complete version of combat compliance.

2. Explain the bargaining hypothesis explanation of domestic commitment.

3. Explain the wars of retribution.

4. Explain the coercion based explanation of domestic commitment and combat compliance.

Use standard formatting with:

– Double spacing,

– 12 point font (Times New R)

– 1 inch margins,

– No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header,

– No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.

  • Please include the number of the prompt you are responding to.
  • Cite lecture and class readings where appropriate;
  • Include a bibliography and in-text citations,

    – Use MLA standard citation style

    – Please do not use outside sources,

    – Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  • Please do not include pictures, charts, or figures in your responses. Please do not copy / paste scans of
  • lecture notes into the text of your response.

  • Please stay on topic. Do not submit papers written for other courses.
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