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write an outline or research plan to start the experiment

The goal of this project is to get the oxygen dependence of the triplet formation (Intersystem Crossing) within a dye by using lifetimes. You will be using the Rhodamine 6G t. Utilize the small cuvettes and dilute the sample to an appropriate concentration, I will let you decide that.

what the dilution series that i need?

You will need to figure out a way to vary the concentration of oxygen in the solution, with some form of control. I would recommend using a nitrogen tank and a needle to flow N2 into the cuvette with different times and then capping it as quickly as you can. Another way is to this in the glove box, but that would require more time and add difficulty. You could also vary the amount of oxygen scavenging that you add to the sample to form basically a titration curve of it (Boris will be making some most likely, but there is a protocol you can get from Jessica called Antifade). So you have a few options to work with there.

write how sould i do the exp

(write procedure)

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