(Get Answer) – Write And Post A Short Essay On How You Think These Ideas Could Be Applied To Various Problems In Military Psychology 1

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[5.2] Appreciation Inquiry, Cognition & Emotion Discussion

After reading the Frederickson & Brannigan article and watching the Cooperrider video, write and post a short essay on how you think these ideas could be applied to various problems in military psychology. This does not have to be your own phenomenon of particular interest.

Fredickerson, B. L., & Branigan, C. (2005). Positive emotions broaden the scope of attention and thought-action repertoires (Links to an external site.). Cognition & Emotion, 19(3), 313–33.

Cooperrider, D. (2011). Appreciative inquiry: A conversation with David Cooperrider (Links to an external site.) [Video File]. Retrieved from

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