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Using the basic format in upload file and write compose a Negative News Memoranda.

You are regional manager of Allen Security, a national security firm. The current policy in your organization states that employees must pass a pre-employment drug screening before being hires. After that, there are no tests unless you or one of your job supervisors has reason to suspect that an employee is under the influence of drugs on the job.

Lately, a number of clients have strongly suggested that you should have a random drug-screening policy for all employees in the on-site personnel group. They argue that the on-the-job risk to life and property is great enough to justify this periodic testing, You have consulted your branch managers, who like the idea. You have also talked with the company’s attorney, who assures you that such random testing should be legal, given the character of the group’s work. After considerable thought, you decide to implement the policy in three weeks.

Write a memo to all employees of your group and relate this news.

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