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Question Description

At least 3 references (2 primary and 1 secondaryminimum)

– Must use at least 1 primary in the Introduction

– Must use at least 1 primary in the Discussion

Must include Results and Figures (for 3 of 33 pts)

– 0 pts if NEITHER is included

– 1 pt if EITHER Results OR Figures are included

– 3 pts if BOTH Results an


Discussion OutlineSuggestions for improvements?

Ø The hypothesis was supported/not supported.

• Elaborate to include data trends. “We expected___ and found ___.”

Ø Compare other studies.

• “Interestingly / in contrast / similarly, so and so (2000) found…”

Ø Describe limitations. (e.g. “Limitations of our experiment included user error.”)

• Instead try, “While we were able to make inferences about cellobiase activity in x and ymushrooms purchased at the grocery store, we were not able to make conclusionsabout…”

Ø Future directions. (e.g. “In the future, it would be possible to test more mushroomsand have more replicates.”)

• Instead try, “Future experiments could explore different species in natural settings toprovide information about…”

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