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look at the attachment to learn how to write measurable goals and short-term objectives or benchmarks. Writing measurable goals means that you can count it, observe it and assess or document it. For example, the student will improve his reading skills is not measurable, however, given a third grade level passage, the student will orally read text at 136 words per minute with 90% accuracy as measured using Aimsweb is measurable. Utilizing the reading and media from this week’s module determine if the following three goals are specific, measurable, action oriented, relevant and time-limited. Please provide detailed explanation as to your reasoning, rewrite the goals as appropriate to make them SMART goals and include at least three benchmark objectives for each.

  • Jesus will write for a variety of purposes.
  • Vanessa will make progress in demonstrating and applying her mathematical knowledge to a variety of processes.
  • Mary will read with fluency and understanding.
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