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Write a summary of the assigned reading – “Binge Drinking Must Be Stopped” by Henry Wechsler (1 page) (10%)

Steps to follow when writing a summary:

  • Read the assigned text first for general meaning. Follow the writer’s meaning, trying to see the issue from the writer’s perspective and adopt the writer’s values and belief system.
  1. (optional) Read the argument slowly a second time writing in the margins brief does and says statements for each paragraph or group of closely connected paragraphs. A does statement identifies a paragraph’s function, such as “summarizes an opposing view,” “introduces a supporting reason,” or ”gives and example.” A says statement summarizes a paragraph’s main point.
  1. (optional) Examine your does and says statements to determine the major sections of the argument, and create a list of major points and sub-points. If you are visually oriented, you may prefer to make a diagram of the article.
  1. Turn your list or diagram into a prose summary. You can do it in two ways:
    1. join all the says statements into a lengthy summary and then prune it,
    2. start with a one-sentence summary of the argument’s thesis and the major supporting reasons and then gradually develop it a little with more supporting ideas.
  1. Anyway, if you explain the most important points, use the same proportion of coverage and emphasis as the original and be neutral, objective, and accurate. You may use quotations, but keep them short.
  1. Exercise critical thinking; do not simply repeat what you have read, but present the relationship between the main ideas.
  1. Always give the complete title of your text and the name of the author in full when you first refer to them. Assume that the reader of your summary is not familiar with the text you are summarizing.
  1. Make sure you are using strong verbs for the major points like argues, contends, claims, etc. as opposed to suggests, hints, etc.
  1. Do not judge the text; avoid “the author clearly states,” etc. Do not give your opinions.
  1. Use attributive tags all the time – expressions like“The author says,” “According to Smith,” or “In the author’s opinion,” etc.
  1. Revise your summary until it is the desired length and is sufficiently clear, concise, and complete.
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