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Swift writes A Modest Proposal as a biting satirical commentary on the treatment of Irish natives at the hands of the British colonies. He carefully develops his mock argument in grotesque detail. Your task will be to explain why Swift has chosen this medium for his political statement. Use historic and modern context to explain Swift’s rhetorical choices.

Writing tasks:

– Explain Swift’s satirical logic using the terms of Toulmin’s Argument format:





– Discuss the intent of Swift in writing this

Who is his audience?

Why would he try to reach them by using a satirical argument?

How might his audience have reacted to this 18th century political commentary?

What is your reaction to this grotesquely written proposal?

How would their reaction differ if his argument was straightforward?

– Find a modern context connection

What are some modern contextual examples that might parallel Swift’s clever means of social commentary?

How does your understanding of these modern satires influence your perception of Swift and the accomplishments of this text?

– Reflect on the social/political value of satire in the media

Be sure to include some modern contextual examples

– MLA formatted

– Tyoed double-spaced

– 3Pages

– 3 sources minimum

please use Swift’s article as the main source (I attached screen shots of the article it is from the book “Patterns for College Writing 14th-Edition”

please use the TV show “The Daily Show” as a modern source

You can pick the third source

Thank you so much

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