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length = 500-750 words

Topic = Who are you? What would the movie of your life contain? Are you a future millionaire, like Zuckerberg? A person who has dealt with a lot of -isms? (racism, sexism, ageism…) A person who needs to learn and practice self-love, like Alice Walker in her essay? A person who “lives in a [protective] bubble,” like Canedy’s son (886)? An artist or a lover of the arts, like Luken’s father? How has your environment impacted you? (These are references to the essay readings listed on the syllabus, weeks 1-4.)

Start by looking over the list of “I ams…” you created for your first discussion board post. Look for a common thread. Perhaps you’ve figured out that you are quite adventurous, or ambitious, or cautious, or in a rut. Now it’s time to come up with your thesis (which will be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph). Something like “I am a go-getter who’s done more in eighteen years than most people.” Or “I have been living in my sister’s shadow, and it’s time for me to make a name for myself.”

I see at least two options for the structure of this narrative essay. One is to tell a different brief anecdote in each body paragraph, all related to your theme. Or just tell one big story that illustrates the point you are trying to make. Maybe you come up with a third option?

E-mail me the thesis of your essay one when you’ve decided on what it will be. I’ll send you some feedback.

If you’re not sure what to put in your introduction besides ending it with your thesis, look at our textbook, pp. 678-81. Also, look at how some of the authors in our book start their essays. I think a conversation would be fun, or a dramatic scene. Maybe a series of thought-provoking questions…

Use Proper Essay Format (see below) and save essay in Rich Text Format or in Microsoft Word.

Checklist for your writing—the essay . . .
____focuses on an inviting subject, and creates a main impression
____contains a variety of supporting information (sensory details, memory details, and so on) ____informs and/or entertains the reader

Logical Organization
____includes an engaging beginning, strong development, and an effective ending
____forms a meaningful whole, moving smoothly from one main point to the next.

Original Word Choice
____contains specific nouns, vivid verbs, and colorful modifiers
____captures the subject’s ideas and feelings in dialogue

PROPER ESSAY FORMAT: Please use this as a model for the first page of all your essays. Also see Everyone’s p. 574 as a model. Opont 1
Rose Opont

Professor Nater

Comp I, M/W 9:00

18 July 2018

Your Title

The introductory paragraph begins here. Remember to tab new paragraphs once (set default at ½

inch) and to use coherence between paragraphs. Please remember to divide your essay into

paragraphs, too.

OTHER FORMAT RULES: Double space, no title page, Times New Roman font (12 point), black ink, last name and page # in upper right corner of each page, left justification only (don’t use full justification).

Use “insert” to put your last name and page number in the upper right corner.

To remove triple-spacing, highlight all your writing, and then go to “paragraph,” and then click on the box that says “don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style,” and then select “OK.”

Sample introduction with thesis underlined: “Don’t touch that pan. It’s hot,” my mom would say right before I burned my hand for the umpteenth time. “Talk again without raising your hand” invariably led to my sitting at my desk in the classroom with my teacher while my friends went out to play during recess. It’s not that I don’t listen; it’s that I am primarily a kinesthetic learner. Fortunately, as I’ve aged, I’ve developed into a visual learner, and reading a vast array of personal development books has saved my life. I THINK I WOULD FOCUS EACH BODY PARAGRAPH ON A DIFFERENT BOOK AND WHAT I LEARNED FROM IT AND HOW I USED THIS INFO. IN A SPECIFIC SIUATION.

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