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Please read the instructors before starting work and then

– read the african creation myths attachment

– read the Greek Myth (Theogony) attachment

– read Hebraic Myth (Genesis) from online


Write a 3 – 4 pages paper in which you discuss the similarities and differences between the creation myths that you will have in the attachment. the paper should discuss no less than three (3) similarities and no less than three (3) differences. obviously, a similarity or difference may not apply to all the myths, so compare what is comparable without forcing a similarity or a difference to apply to all myths. Nonetheless the paper must incorporate the Hebraic Myth (Genesis), the Greek Myth (Theogony) as well as whichever African myth/s you choose to employ for your paper. Note: Do not compare one African myth with another African myth, and do not use myths that is not attached.

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