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Section 1. Writing reflecting by working with peers (about 500 words)

Please read peers’ free writing before starting

For this final memo, reflect on the communal, collaborative aspects of the RIP composing process. Your reflection should address ALL of the questions below.

1) How did workshopping your project in person with your group mates help you clarify your project’s purpose and genre?

2) How did workshopping your project in person with your group mates help you understand your audience’s point of view, values, and concerns, etc.?

3) How did workshopping your project in person with your group mates help you refine the language of your project, especially style, tone, and voice?

4) Summarize in a few sentences the most significant comments you received from your group mates during peer review.

5) Based on this feedback, what issues did you decide to prioritize in your revisions for Draft #2? Summarize the revision choices you made for Draft #2.

6) Was there any advice or feedback you chose to ignore or postpone? What was it, and why did you deprioritize it?

7) What did you find most helpful to you in giving feedback to your peers? In other words, how did reading and commenting help you tackle revisions in your own draft?

8) What do you understand about the rhetorical aspects of your writing process now that you have completed the RIP? Put another way, how does writing for a specific audience and a specific purpose shape your rhetorical choices as a writer?

Section 2. Final draft(at least 1000 words)—-expand on what you wrote last time (draft two)

Final drafts are due by midnight. The course late policy for final drafts will be in effect.

Before you submit double-check that your RIP meets the minimum requirements of the assignment:

  • At least 1000 words long
  • Apocalypse-related (Alien Apocalypse)
  • consider types of audience (Sympathetic audience, Novice audience, Informed, but skeptical audience, Hostile audience, Expert/Business/Activist audience), and try to persuade them in deferent ways
  • targeted audience are college students, Alien Apocalypse might attract students who are majoring biological chemistry or somethings else, be thoughtful to clarify your targeted audience.
  • thesis statement, what you want persuade people to do. For example, once Alien Apocalypse comes, what should we do? or something done to prevent it from happening?

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