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you are to read the four PDF documents (and here: detectivereport1.pdfPreview the documentPreview the document, detectivereport2.pdfPreview the documentPreview the document, detectivereport3.pdfPreview the documentPreview the document, detectivereport4.pdfPreview the documentPreview the document) and decide whether or not the investigators had enough evidence to request a search warrant. Your response should be either yes or no and then you are to write a one to two page report supporting your decision. As long as you support your decision you cannot be wrong but again your decision must be supported.

This should take a bit of research by you so do cite your sources, your book may be one source.

Write a paper 1 to 2 page paper using APA format (Search google for “APA Format)” supporting your decision for the above discussed scenario.

chose one document than write about one page

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