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You will write a Revision Plan between the Intermediate Draft and the Final Draft of each project. A Revision Plan is a 250 – 500-word explanation of your plan to revise.

Below you will find step-by-step guidelines you can use when you write your Revision Plan:

1. Explain the feedback you have received on your Intermediate Draft that addresses higher order concerns.

After writing your Intermediate Draft and submitting it to MyReviewers, you will have received feedback from your instructor and from a group of your peers. In this first part of your Revision Plan, you should summarize the higher order feedback you received on your draft. What major revisions are needed to strengthen your analysis, evidence, and organization?

2. Explain the feedback you have received that related to lower order concerns in your Intermediate Draft.

In this section of your Revision Plan, explain the feedback you received that addresses lower order concerns in your Intermediate Draft. What minor revisions are needed to style, overall format, tone, and/or mechanics?

3. Explain your specific revision plan you will follow as you work on your next draft.

Based on the revisions needed to address your higher and lower order concerns, what revisions are you planning to make to literature review in your Final Version Draft? How do you plan to make these revisions?

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